Short Background

I’ve started five companies. Started web programming in 1994. I was the first person to make a 3D game on the web in 1996. I won a Primetime Emmy for Original Interactive Content in 2012. I have two Grand Prix CyberLions from Cannes. I have 8 patents. I worked at Google/Niantic while Pokémon Go was being made. I’ve been pioneering VR, AR and AI technology for a long time.

I also helped invent alternate reality games (ARGs) for entertainment which were perverted into industrial brainwashing machines like QAnon. I know how it works because I was there when things like Q were made for fun, not for hurting people.

I got banned from Twitter because of coordinated harmful activity. They will give me my account back. It’s just a matter of time.

In the meantime, you can reach me by email at stewartson @ protonmail dot com.

I also have a podcast called Radicalized: Truth Survives. Please check it out.


To be clear, there are several related things I’m trying to do with my Substack:

  1. Provide value to my readers by educating on fascism, disinformation and their relationship — how we got here, who’s responsible, and where all of this is going if we fail to address it.

  2. Provide an unfiltered view of active disinformation operations — at every scale, and wherever they are, regardless of politics or ideology — so people can make better, more informed decisions for themselves.

  3. Combat coordinated harmful activity, abuse and harassment on Twitter and other platforms so we can have a safe place for opinions, disagreements and debates without inauthentic actors intentionally targeting people with no consequences. This includes Twitter:

    • Acknowledging and providing a way to report coordinated harmful activity

    • Banning all the single purpose hate accounts that generate the majority of harm

    • Restoring my account and the accounts of my followers and friends who have been targeted

How to Help

I have had a few subscribers ask how they can help. Let me be direct about that too.

  1. You already have. Seriously, having a community to share with means everything to me. I’m grateful. If you have the means and you like what I do, becoming a paid subscriber helps me continue to focus on this work but it’s purely optional.

  2. Sharing my articles on Twitter and with others who might be interested in subscribing is really appreciated. I know it can attract a few trolls, but the block function works. :)

  3. Please continue to keep the pressure on @TwitterSafety and @yoyoel to start taking coordinated harmful activity seriously.

    • Please continue to report bad actors for abuse, even if it seems pointless.

    • Block people who are not authentic. Don’t get into extended debates with trolls. It’s what they want.

Thank you friends! 💙🇺🇸🏴‍☠️

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Jim Stewartson 
Anti-disinformation activist, pissed off Twitter exile
OSINT Investigative Researcher Areas of focus: Public Corruption, Politics, Religion, Campaign Finance, Disinformation, Extremism Purpose: Learn, Inform, Empower, Rise