Growth and Wisdom

Greetings Jim:

I am going to be 40 years old in less than a month. Even with my Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis, I know at least when I should keep embarrassing life experiences to myself. And this is me in my interest in anything related to “The Godfather” franchise, yet I know to never take sides against family. People do not need to know everything about their loved ones. For myself, there is the personal and the professional when deciding how to interact with people and cultures. Should everything be personal, my public life will face ruin. This will also lead to being an unintended stooge for more nefarious interests. If you want to understand, I have a comparison between myself and an important figure on the international scene.

Hard to believe, yet I am currently about to receive my driver’s license. I can and do drive, yet because I have Asperger’s related experience, I have not purchased my own car. That will be changing. And the first step is to get an actual license. This past Friday, I was scheduled to take my road test. What I needed to bring was my driver’s permit and the 5-hour pre-license course certificate authorizing my completion of said course. Just prior to Friday, I became aware that I had either lost or misplaced the certificate and might have lost or misplaced the permit. To say the least, I was embarrassed. However, I did not think it too big of a problem since I had digital copies of both. Even so, the permit and certificate were needed in physical form at the start of the road test day. I did not take the road test on Friday. Indeed, I managed to submit a new permit through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and a newer certificate signed by myself. The road test will be rescheduled within a month or so.

Now, I could have cancelled last Friday’s meeting and railed against all problems that were my way. Where I do that, it would be me that would appear weak and cowardly. Instead, I went on with my schedule thinking that due to their being digital copies of what I needed to show, that would suffice. It did not, and I could have made these oversights known beforehand to still have my road test last Friday. Even so, I did accept the wrongdoing on my end and managed to rectify the situation. I would have thought this would have been deemed admirable, and it is.

The point I am trying to make is that I honor my commitment to what I plan to do and will own up to my foibles. If I screwed up, that is on me. The same cannot be said of certain others that we know. The 38-year-old Prince and Duke of Sussex, Harry (or Harold as he is to be described if crowned the sovereign), regrettably does not own up to his issues. Mind you, I have not yet read his memoirs; only some excerpts and recollections from the likes of Guardian writer John Crace and others. Yet, I followed him and his family to the House of Windsor. In most circumstances, the salacious issues and neuroses of an unhappy adolescence and continuous abuser (maybe) would not matter; much like the problems of many stars have little to no bearing on my life. And I suppose that, with us being Americans, you may be thinking why bother. You may even be thinking, like I have done from time to time, why do you need royalty? Well, for one thing, 13 years of Tory governance in the UK with the nadir being the brief premiership of MP Liz “pork markets” Truss has made many Britons and Commonwealth populations want a return to absolute monarchy. We have already seen King Charles III mention his approval of the Great Reset, and Prince William of Wales has been looked at as his nation’s protector since the passing of Princess Diana, his loving yet human mum.

For something not discovered among followers even of realpolitik, the monarchy could very well be needed to be a counterbalance with national and international rivals based on international treaties and negotiations on commerce trade. Allow each Commonwealth country to become a Republic, then all treaties from within the EU and outside the EU will have to be renegotiated. Especially true when dealing with Russia, and specifically Vladimir Putin. Suppose one of these trade negotiations involves a withdrawal of support in all matters for Ukraine. Lest there be a proxy and/or kinetic war in Europe’s footsteps. That is just one example of many that I have little time to mention in this email. When all else fails, the British Monarchy is needed to correct a nation and to utilize a proper world order benefiting their subjects. Prince William understands this. Prince Harold needs to understand this. For one day, the Britons will be demanding for his leadership and his return to the fold in a time of crisis. It occurred with his great grandfather, King George VI. God, forbid it occurs to anyone in the line of succession. Not facing your own issues and taking sole responsibility for one’s problems is something we need to have been taught by our elders. It is up to us to be leaders or complainers and destroyers of ourselves. Otherwise, some other leaders will take our problems and exacerbate them for which we could never recover. I know this. Why cannot Prince Harold? And I am just a commoner.

You are going to need more than one lesson. And, by God, you are going to get more than one lesson. - Ray Collins as Boss Jim Geddes in the Orson Welles film Citizen Kane.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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Holy moly

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Oh, Jim, I was only on twitville for a hot second last year. I started posting you and Steven after you boys got fukt off. So, then I got permanently banned out of the blue. I’ve been with you and Steven since and now Mastodon. But I just now got off twitville. Went to see what you, Gal, Heidi and Dave were up to and discovered a few of your hate trolls. That Nicole witch is fkn obsessed with destroying you. Especially you. She needs to be stopped. Sorry you guys are being stalked by these unhinged, disgusting criminals. We got you babe. (They hate Dave Troy! What fkn assholes) 🤓

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“Left Behind ... Based on a true story that hasn’t happened yet”.

Do the idiots who swallow this stuff ever learn to think?

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