I liked the Radicalized interview with Wes Clark Jr. then listened to the 9-episode podcast, "American Psyop." Though it was more detailed and longer than I would have liked, I'm glad I listened. It solidifies for me that what Jim is saying is real. Jim's and Wes's experiences, being Mindf*cked by malign actors, is real and Russia is heavily involved. Since Russian disinformation warfare is so foreign to the average citizen and since the bad actors are working in the shadows, with the key players behind their front line mindf*cking soldiers, it's hard to grasp the war we're in for our minds. The fact that I experienced a whiff of mindf*cking myself, in the form of being attacked by Kassandra Seven and company, makes me even more sure I'm not misjudging things. Thank goodness i did not engage with her after a few tweets and that I then permanently turned off my notifications. I feel fortunate I'm learning about mind control through hearing about others' experiences and not my own. Steven Hassan is really informative about how cults work. He's a great resource too. Thanks Jim for what you're doing. You're not crazy in the least. You're smart and brave and doing your country and democracy and freedom a great service.

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Great interview. Wes is a really interesting character and very intelligent, which goes to show that even very bright people can be prone to being psyoped and even magical/delusional thinking.

It's tangential, but was listening to a local NPR station's roundtable show and they were discussing the infiltration and disruption of school boards and local governments by right-wingers, but I heard no mention of the influence of Flynn and his campaign: "local action = national impact" or whatever the slogan is. No mention of Stone, Bannon, etc. I really wanted to e-mail in a comment to tell them they need to dig down and find the roots of the problem in the radicalization campaigns of these fascist scoundrels, unfortunately I was driving and didn't get the opportunity.

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Wes Clark for President or something. Or Senate. Or AG. Seriously, this guy is fantastic and the insights here are astounding and powerful.

Thank you thank you thank you for all your important work here

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